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Flush Casement Window

Flush Casement Window

In addition to our door range we often get asked by our customers for other products which they need in order to improve their homes. We have a fantastic range of engineered timber windows which compliment our doors. All styles of windows are available – lipped casement windows, flush casement windows and sliding sash windows.

For 100′s of years windows were only ever made of wood. Even today we can see examples that have stood the test of time, from Victorian back-to-back houses to fine period homes dating as far back as the 15th century.

Following the second world war there was a shortage of wood and less durable species of timber were used as a result. This, coupled with design simplification and blind automation, meant that wood windows performed badly and were prone to rot, warping and splitting. Later builders and homeowners started to favour windows made from alternative materials such as plastic and metal. As a result demand for timber windows declined until recently when the more discerning buyer once again discovered the beauty of real wood windows.

We work with the suppliers who meet our exact standard to provide products which are far superior to others on the market. Our suppliers have taken the best of the old and engineered it to incorporate the most effective double glazing, security locking systems and the ability to give any finish, timber species or design to suit your taste and your home. Because they are engineered they will not warp and twist like traditionally made timber windows. They are fully weather sealed too so they keep out the draughts and help you keep your energy bills under control! Painting or staining is all done in the factory under controlled conditions thus eliminating completely the need for painting windows on site and all the headaches that can introduce. Our suppliers carefully selects wood species to give the rot free stability required for engineered windows and doors.

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