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Technical Information

Technical Information

Engineered Timber Doors SR Range
Engineered Timber Doors SP Range
Merlin Fibreglass Entrance Doors

Engineered Timber Doors

SR range

The Merlin door is a doorset that comprises of a pre-finished, engineered timber door leaf and frame, complete with hardware and glazing, which is supplied as a ready-to-install unit. Independent tests have shown it to provide the solution to the problems encountered by most residential doors. Thanks to its revolutionary design, the door-set is weather resistant and forms and effective barrier against intruders.

The Merlin door is easy to maintain and repair and is made-to-measure in a wide range of styles and colours. Our supplier has in excess of 80,000 doors in current use and has over 24 years of experience in the entrance door market.

The Merlin door SR has a PVCu frame. The multi-chamber hollow extrusion is produced from the same materials and to the same standards a PVCu window sections. The dimensional stability, surface finish and colour fastness are identical to window profiles. Aluminium reinforcement is situated in the centre section of the profile.

PVCu sections are welded to form the jambs and head of the frame. The threshold is mechanically jointed to the bottom of the frame. Q-lon gaskets are applied to the double rebate, having a continuous weather seal around the inner rebate and along the threshold.

SP range

The Merlin door SP is an aluminium composite frame. Facings of either hardwood or PVCu are screwed to the aluminium core. This means that the facings of the frame can be repaired or replaced in the event of them becoming damaged.

The PVCu facings are available in white or mahogany woodgrain. Optional hardwood facings are available in any British Standard colour

The Merlin door SP is also available as a 30 minute fire door. Intumescent materials are applied to the frame, locks and letter plate to stem the flow of flames and hot gasses. PVCu facings may be used on the non-risk side of the door, but hardwood facings must be used on the risk side of the door. The Merlin door meets the requirements of BS476 pt 22. Independent test reports are available on request.

The Merlin door can be supplied with either integral or coupled fanlights, sidescreens or flag windows in a range of framing materials. There are a number of coupling mullions which enable frames of differing dimensions to be jointed with confidence. A range of structural mullions are also available for use in ribbon wall assemblies.

Merlin Fibreglass Entrance Doors

The fibreglass doors have a core which is made from expanded foam with internal and external skins made from glass fibre. Fibreglass is a very stable material for door skins because it has a very low expansion rate. This means that if it is painted a dark colour it will not expand and contract as much as other materials used for door skins.

Door Slab
• Fibreglass faced composite door leaf, nominal 44mm thickness
• Fibreglass facings both sides
• Compression moulded to door pattern
• Smooth or grained effect surface finish

Sub-frame System
• Composite construction rigid sub-frame
• Laminated PVC-Ue profiles to outer edge laminated to timber inner frame
• Lock blocks: Suitable for 3 point locks (Both sides of door)

Core Insulation
• Injection filled rigid polyurethane core:- Foamed density: 42kg/m³
• HCFC and CFC free – Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) Rating: Zero
• Global Warming Potential (GWP) Rating: less than 5

Glazing System
• Cassette glazing system with grained effect.
• Full silicone weather seal to inner and outer channel of external glazing cassette.
• Designs accept 26mm thickness double glazed units to BS EN 1279-2:2002
• Glazed units incorporate toughened glass to BS 6206

Doorset U-Value
Maximum doorset U value: 0.86 w/m K

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