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Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows have been used extensively in commercial applications for many years because they are recognised to be very durable, hard wearing and they retain the appearance for many years. Nowadays aluminium is being used more and more in residential applications and the benefits of the products are well suited to residential sector especially self build. Although they are generally more expensive than PVC windows they are on a par with timber windows but they have the low maintenance characteristics associated with PVC windows.

Aluminium is also considered to be one of the most sustainable materials in the World because when it is recycled it loses non of its physical properties. Nowadays aluminium windows have much better thermal performance than their predecessors and are generally considered to be highly thermally efficient. The other key factor in the favour of aluminium is the variety of colours which are available. Most styles of windows can be manufactured and with its high strength characteristics the sections tend to be much slimmer than most other window materials. Some of the other benefits are: -


• Fully compliant with the latest building regulations

• Very wide choice of colours available to match your style exactly

• High security locking systems provide protection for your home

• They compliment bi folding and sliding doors so that they match all your other products

• Low maintenance products that will provide many years of trouble free service

• Wide choice of glazing thicknesses including triple glazing to provide the most thermally efficient windows and doors available


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