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Aluminium Sliding Doors


Aluminium Sliding Door

Aluminium Sliding Door
3 Track


Aluminium sliding door product design has come on leaps and bounds in recent yeas. Nowadays they are energy efficient and combined with the latest glass technology can help to keep your heating bills down which is a real concern for most home owners.

One of the biggest benefits of aluminium sliding doors is the shear size that can be manufactured (up to 12m wide and up to 3m high) combined with slim sight lines which are only 83mm when the panels meet. We offer a two track systems and also a three track system which when fully open gives approximately two thirds of the doorway open. Now you can slide large glass walls effortlessly to make the most of your outdoor space. You can even have panels that slide into walls to create that real wow factor! With such a well-engineered system you can be assured of the highest security, a severe weather rating and smooth, effortless operation. You can choose virtually any colour from an extensive range so the doors can match in with the overall style of your project.

Many people choose bi folding doors these days but ff you have a fabulous views then aluminium sliding doors are certainly a great alternative to bi folding doors as you see more glass and less aluminium thus maximizing your views!

Aluminium sliding door

3m High Aluminium Sliding Door

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